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And I created this essential foot care and repair review blog to help others finally get my results on what the best care has been missing from your feet.

I am one who thoughly enjoys a good foot massage an offering the relaxing benefits of massage, But i would be embarrassed if my feet aren’t soft and smoothe. 

Feet massage help with my anxiety and headaches, none of which would happen if you are so self-conscious about your bare feet.

See after having problems with dry skin and itching on my dry feet, I really needed a DIY treatmeant I could do between pedicures.Kat Kelevra

Use mild soap in small amounts and a moisturizing cream or lotion on your legs and feet every day just wasn’t enough.

Once I started using doing some research about the health benefits of detoxifing my body assists in weight loss and skin purification as your pores are cleansed. 

Also how essential oils would be absorbed more quickly and reach the my bloodstream faster.

Because the feet areare free of it, better absorption is achieved.

Don’t be shy, if there are some DIY Treatments out there let me know and i will share 🙂

If you’re looking for what I consider to be the best remedy for dry feet, check out my homepage:

If you need more homemade foot fetish remedies check out this article about the stress relieving feet soaking STIMULATING CAMPHOR AND EUCALYPTUS HONEY FEET RELIEVING SOAK


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